Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists some... frequently asked questions.

We hope that these answers are useful.

If you have an additional questions, please contact us.


What is reputation?

Reputation is our way of quantifying the contributions of members of the community.

Reputation is earned by completing various actions, for example: suggesting pubs, submitting reviews, and uploading photos.

You can see which users have contributed the most at our top contributers page.
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Why does my town/city/village not exist?

If you cannot find a specific location or you think that our location data is incorrect, then please contact us and let us know.
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What are awards?

Awards are our way of rewarding users who reach specific milestones.

You can earn awards for suggesting pubs, reviewing pubs, uploading photos, and much much more.

Your awards are visible for the world to see on your public profile.
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