Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists some... frequently asked questions.

We hope that these answers are useful.

If you have an additional questions, please contact us.


What is rep?

Reputation is our way of discerning which members of the Pub Judge community have contributed most.

Reputation is earned (in varying quantities) by suggesting pubs, submitting reviews, uploading photos, and submitting opinions on the reviews of others.

We have also set up a page outlining how you can earn some free reputation whilst spreading the word about Pub Judge.

We hope that in the near future we can reward our most active contributors with deals, prizes, and opportunities at pubs around the country.
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Why does my town/city/village not exist?

Within the county of West Yorkshire for example, there are over 800 towns, cities, and villages.

When designing the Pub Judge interface, we felt that having to scroll through a list of 800 locations would be tedious and annoying - as such we only show locations for which there is at least one pub in our database.

It is essentially to reduce clutter, and improve your experience.

If you want to suggest a pub in a 'missing' location, feel free to do so. Your location will then be automatically added.
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Why does a list of locations appear when I start typing in the location field?

One of the problems we encountered when developing the website was that of location names.

When suggesting a pub for us to put into our database, it occurred to us that one user may use a capital letter, another may not.
Similarly in some cases a location may have multiple names, or a user may simply not know how to spell a location name. Is it Aberwisterwith?

To resolve the duplication of locations within our database, and to maintain consistency and accuracy in our results we have implemented an autosuggest location system.

The system works by only allowing locations and their spellings contained within our database. On top of this, it saves you time spelling long place names :)
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What does the 'Email me notifications?' setting mean?

The Pub Judge website is setup with a notification system such that we can provide information to our users in a prompt and efficient manner.

For example, if you have suggested a pub we notify you when we have accepted it into our database. Likewise if you submit a review you will be notified once it has been moderated.

When you receive a notification, you will be alerted to it at the top of each page you browse. From this alert, you can then read and delete the notification as required.

The 'Email me notifications?' setting indicates that you want us to email you (at the email address supplied on registration) when you get such a notification. After all, a notification is not much use if you are not aware that you have one..
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Where did the address data on the suggest form come from?

When you are suggesting an addition to our pub database, we query data from the open street map project.

This is a project which seeks to map the whole of the world utilizing user contributed data.

We query their database to see if they have any data for a pub with the name and location details that you have provided.

If they do, we populate the address fields for you to save you time filling in the form.
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What are awards?

Awards are our way of rewarding users who contribute more regularly to Pub Judge.

Each Pub Judge user has a public profile which is attached to their reviews. For example this one.

You can earn awards for suggesting pubs, reviewing pubs, uploading photos, and much much more.
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